bio & contact

the fact that my name is max, the fact that i use they/them and he/him pronouns, the fact that i grew up in tampa, florida, the fact that i went to college at vassar college in poughkeepsie, new york, the fact that i now live in a retrofitted van (built by myself with the help of my dad) in berkeley, california (the bay area broadly), the fact that living in a van kinda sucks but so does paying rent, the fact that i've also lived in nyc, amsterdam, and lake tahoe, the fact that i disliked living in those 3 places but maybe because i was just really struggling with certain things during those times of my life, the fact that i've worked at a nature therapy camp for neurodivergent kids, the fact that i've worked as a program assistant at rikers island, the fact that i've worked as a ropes course guide and a cook, the fact thati love tie-dye but i don't really identify with a lot of new-age culture, the fact that i'm really astrology-averse, the fact that i think astrology is a really indirect, convoluted, immaterialist spirituality and vulnerability-workaround for talking about one's feelings, the fact that the best way to reach me is via instagram @yungleary

the fact that my academic and personal interests include:

the fact that through harm reduction efforts and drug policy studies I have explored:

the fact that my views/beliefs can be described as: – materialist, in the Marxist sense, and recognizing but resisting the world of semiotics, the social construction of reality, and the existence of mystical planes separate from the physical world (see psychedelics & Michael Pollan) – phenomenologist – humanist – affect theorist; things are experienced and first and foremost as and through emotions -