Artist Elliott Hundley embraces chaos by getting closer to it, Elliott Hundley Is Playing with Your Emotions | Art21 Magazine, Datebook: Otherworldly collage-paintings, prison art, C.O.L.A. grant winners' work goes on view – Los Angeles Times,

Barbara Kruger,

the fact that i really like these album covers:

School by Four Tet

Déjàvu by Matty

Satisfied by Catching Flies


Mr. Robot

Jeff vandermeer novels

How to Design a Book Cover… Backwards?, saturation, holographic, iridescent, rainbows, 🌈, FUCK THIS LIFE,

Midnight Gospel Cunnilingus

Iris Gottlieb

history + memes

audio collage

Name of show Quote Date Season Episode Timestamp
Lost Living not just surviving quote from Hurley 1 9
Snowpiercer “hospitality: my department is responsible for smooth relations” 1 1 23:32 (into episode)
Rick and Morty doctor drugs and pills 4 10 2:20 in,
Lost Jack and John exchange, why do you find it so easy to believe 2 3 end of episode
KQED mental health police quote Jun 2 2020 10:45am
KQED Jun 22 2020 9:42am
Fresh Air (NPR) “depression is illogical,” “depression =catastrophizing = “living in a car in Walmart parking lot” May 5 2020 Hilarious world of Depression
The Man in the High Castle “You know, I've seen a lot of versions of my life, but there's only one with people in it who understand me” “It's unbearable. To be able to glimpse through that door and see all the people you could've been. and to know that out of all of them, this is the one you became. “ 4 10
His Dark Materials “We wouldn't judge you, couldn't judge you. And what if I deserve to be judged?” 1 4 34:40
Colony “I don't know if the things I believe all fit together. Nothing fits together anymore. That's just the way it is. You can't blame yourself for that.” 3 13 ~19:25
Electric Dreams “Being happy is not a sin. We're all sinners. And we all think we need to be punished. Even if our sins don't exist” 1 1 47:13
The Good Place
the midnight gospel