Coronavirus, Racism and Injustice: No One Is Coming to Save Us, the fact that a boot is crushing the neck of American democracy, the fact that protests can function as cop fundraisers, bailout funds, the fact that Freedom Should Be Free, the fact that bailout funds are vitally important, paradox, the fact that critiquing the violence of these protests ignores the violence of police brutality, of American military imperialism, of the 'successful' riots of 1968, ⁠the moral force of violence and the limits of reform, How to Be an Antiracist: Ibram X. Kendi on Why We Need to Fight Racism the Way We Fight Cancer, How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi, Fighting Racism Even, and Especially, Where We Don’t Realize It Exists, An Essential Reading Guide For Fighting Racism, read read read, educate educate educate, When black people are in pain, white people just join book clubs, radical change? how? where? radical self-reflection and critique? accountability? interpersonal community building and conflict resolution?, race war, civil war, the fact that non-violent protests got us to where we are today, a caste system in India and a racist president in the United States, the fact that Even with a Harvard pedigree, caste follows ‘like a shadow’, Wherever Suraj Goes, His Caste Follows, Climate change: I work in the environmental movement. I don’t care if you recycle., Dear White People, This is What We Want You to Do, “I want you to remember George Floyd when you vote in November,” Joe Biden, Van Jones: It's not the white racists we have to worry about, the fact that “CNN's Van Jones says that the black community is tired of hearing empty promises of change and that they should be more worried about 'the white liberal hillary linton supporter' than a white racist,” “throughout the Weimar era the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) regarded the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) as its main adversary; the KPD considered the SPD to be 'social fascists' based on a theory proclaimed by Stalin and supported by the Comintern in the early 1930s, according to which social democracy was a variant of fascism, and even more dangerous and insidious than open fascism,” Antifa (Germany) – Wikipedia, Attempting the Impossible – Calculating Capitalism’s Death Toll – Guerrilla Ontology, Condemn communists’ cruelties, but capitalism has its own terrible record, Mike Davis on the Crimes of Socialism and Capitalism, If Communism Killed Millions, How Many Did Capitalism Kill?, Neoliberalism Kills: Part One, I made a post that can be linked to whenever someone spouts thd “100 million dead” and “capitalism is the best we got” line. Linked it here cause for some reason it doesnt show up. : Anarchism, Death Toll Of Capitalism. If you vote this up, it will show up on Google Images when people Google search Death Toll Of Capitalism. : LateStageCapitalism, CAPITALISM KILLS OVER 20 MILLION A YEAR : LateStageCapitalism, Capitalism kills : LateStageCapitalism, What is capitalism's death toll and what is communism's death toll? – Quora, [MIRROR] Calculating Capitalism s Death Toll by BadMouseProductions – YouTube, How many people died because of capitalism? – Quora, Socialism vs capitalism death toll | by Alexander Finnegan | Medium, Deconstructing the “death toll of capitalism” : CapitalismVSocialism, the fact that Van Jones was the commencement speaker at my graduation, “pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will,” On Black Pessimism and George Floyd, the fact that “the black conspiracist’s imagination is a perfectly refined pessimism, one that offends liberal hopes for social progress,” Even when optimism has been lost, hope has a role to play, Pope: Pull Together, Avoid Pessimism in This Coronavirus Era, the fact that Noam Chomsky says that “There Are Reasons for Optimism”, George Floyd protests: America is at a 'turning point', philosopher Cornel West says, “When will it end? When will the tipping point come and the script change? Mothers in Atlanta will advise against holding your breath,” “We are witnessing America as a failed social experiment” – Dr. Cornel West, Police Abolition — CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND, Stacey Abrams: I Know Voting Feels Inadequate Right Now, the fact that i feel this pressure to feel white liberal optimism and i dont feel like I have the right to feel black pessimism, black hope, black optimism, Opinion | Black Lives Matter Is Winning – The New York Times, Poll: Black Americans outraged by George Floyd’s death, but optimistic about change after nationwide protests – The Washington Post, It Was More Than a Notion, “There is a palpable poverty of intellect, a lack of imagination, and a banality of ideas pervading mainstream politics today,” How Do We Change America?, the fact that “there is a tremendous gap between our capacity to articulate a case for a different world and the ability to make it matter to the unpersuaded”, the fact that Black Squares Don't Save Black Lives, Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources – Google Docs, The 7 Circles of Whiteness, the fact that I'm not sure how to reconcile my anxiety with the notion of being a “needy ally,” VICE – Perfectionism Is a Mental Illness and It's Ruining My Life, the fact that I acknowledge that the idea of perfectionism as “ruining my life” feels quite hyperbolic and disproportionate in the context of discussing white supremacy, VICE – There Are at Least Two Types of Perfectionists, the fact that I identify with multiple circles, the fact that adrienne marie brown has a word for white people, in two parts, Summary of Stages of Racial Identity Development,