Soviet Russia, the fact that I've read that the USSR was mostly unsuccessful because of weather and corruption and geography and also American Western conflicts and covert undermining, the fact that there's a word for that, political warfare, the fact that socialism sounds like it could be pretty great, the fact that a socialist version of Terence McKenna's Archaic Revival sounds better, the fact that I recognize that Terence McKenna contributed to the colonialist projects of drug tourism and spiritual extractivism in South America, the fact that me recognizing this does not excuse my appreciation for his ideas, the fact that socialism can be bogged down in bureaucracy, the fact that it's really dystopian and disorienting and mentally taxing that there's so much paperwork and legality necessary for human life in western industrialized nations, IDs, taxes, visas, life, human life, living, eating, sleeping, the fact that switches on a computer can decide whether or not someone lives, binary code, the fact that there's so many hurdles to jump through just to support yourself, the fact that you have to support 'the system' first,' the fact that the Reddit pages on socialism are filled with so much anger and toxic masculinity, the fact that socialism & spiritual bypassing is so classically white and male, I Am a Young Mom Working At McDonald's. Here's What It's Really Like, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, paradox, identity politics,