the fact that establishment Democrats are realizing that Buttigieg is their vehicle to preserve the neoliberal status quo, Pete Buttigieg’s Elite-Friendly Politics Won’t Help the Marginalized, Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is Even Worse Than He Seems, “Mayor Pete Was the Kinda Kid Who Unplugged the Sega If He Was Losing.”, the fact that they're dropping Biden for the next best anti-Bernie candidate, Pete Buttigieg on Bernie Sanders, the fact that progressive voters who voted for Warren could've voted for Bernie and he would be in a clear lead right now, A Progressive’s Guide to Choosing Between Bernie and Warren, “I want a president” by Zoe Leonard, “I want a candidate who isn't the lesser of two evils,” Trump, Buttigieg, Biden, Eileen Myles, the Squad, the fact that only 62% of results have been released, “Just finished 62% of Titanic and Rose and Jack’s future seems really bright”, #mayorcheat, Tom Perez's recanvassing bullshit, the fact that I don't think things will change that much if Bernie is elected, the fact that his policies could definitely really improve people's lives, the fact that will still have pollution, lack of community, lack of public space, a lack of of people prioritized over profits,