the fact that grocery stores stress me out, the fact that there are so many aisles, the fact that I love cooking but hate shopping for food, the fact that they're so brightly lit, the fact that they're so loud, the fact that there are so many options, the fact that there are so many people I don't know, the fact that I often don't know what I want, nuts, fruits, seasonal fruits, vegetables, fresh produce, organic, dried fruits, added sugar or no added sugar, preservatives, dairy, lactase, lactaid, cheese, which kind of cheese, deli meets for sandwiches, the fact that sandwiches can be quick and easy to make, the fact that there are so many different kinds of deli meats, deli cheeses, spreads, mustard, mayo, hummus, dressings, canned foods, canned fruits, canned vegetables, rice, Jasmine rice, orzo, black beans, red beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, gorbonzo beans, pickles, grape leaves, the fact that there are way too many options and brands for each item, the fact that nutritional labels are stressful to read, the fact that they're certainly not formatted in a way that is calming to digest, the fact that I already start stressing out when I get there and I can't find a basket and I'm getting in people's way, the fact that I wear big bulky headphones to reduce the stimulation, the fact that I feel anxious that they're nice headphones and I don't like flaunting nice things, the fact that I wear a tie dye shirt that I say has “built in ventilation” because there are holes at both the armpits, drinks, milk, beer, the fact that budgeting stresses me out, 50/30/20, food, pleasure, entertainment, rent, car insurance, gas, repairs, travel, eating out, BART, cocktails, books, subscriptions, Netflix, escape, binging shows, carrots, hummus, bell peppers, chips, salsa, asparagus, grape tomatoes, lemons, bread, deli meats, fruit, oranges, berries, goat cheese, eggs, butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, the fact that avocado oil and coconut oil have high smoking points, arugula, kale, oat milk, white rice, black beans, chickpeas, canned tomatoes, nuts, the fact that the nuts were too expensive but I had already gone back to replace them and then those were too expensive too, the fact that the prices were mislabeled, labelling theory, paradox of choice, The American Dream, plenty, abundance, anxiety, classic American breakfast, the fact that Tash and I went to a grocery store together when we both lived in New York and she said that she didn't like grocery stores because they exemplified our disconnection from our food and the land, colonialism, displacement, ecopsychology, “Embedment in the environment: A new paradigm for wellbeing?” (Stevens 2010), “Towards an Ecosociology” (Stevens 2012), food deserts, Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma, We Are All Very Bad Materialists, the fact that I think that Michael Pollan is a very bad materialist, Towards an Ethos of Equity and Inclusion in the Psychedelic Movement, the fact that this is my grocery list:



snacks / picnics:


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