the fact that I almost got hit by a car tonight, the fact that they tried to run me over and honked at me, the fact that maybe it was because of the supremacy of cars in american culture and society, the fact that maybe it was because of toxic masculinity, the fact that maybe the driver wasn't a man, the fact that maybe the driver is really struggling in their life and had little to no patience for a cyclist on the road, the fact that maybe their patience had been diminished by a minimum wage job or inequality or gentrification or the lack of a social safety net in this country, universal healthcare, #ilikebernie, the fact that maybe it was because of white entitlement and the (lack of empathy? violence?) at the heart of whiteness, Radical Dharma, the fact that if I hadn't swerved out of the lane at the last second they would've hit me, the fact that I've been hit by a car before and someone's tried to run me over before, cyclists' right to the road, the fact that the bay area isn't bike friendly, the fact that baela said that LA is experiencing a surge in it's bike culture, the fact that i imagine it's way less safe than the bay, but the fact that the bay isn't safe but it has a false sense that it is safe which is also dangerous, the fact that so many people here ride around without helmets, the fact that I ride without my helmet sometimes, the fact that Berlin has a great bike culture, or so I'm told, the fact that a pedestrian was hit by a car in Berkeley the other day and killed, Vehicle fleeing police in Berkeley fatally strikes pedestrian, the fact that winters in Berlin are brutal, the fact that my SAD is really bad, the fact that getting killed in a bike accident also sounds pretty bad, the fact that I'm privileged to be able to make these choices, or privileged to be able to think that I am, the fact that people emphasize class privilege and forget about class solidarity, the 99%, Occupy Wallstreet, 99.9% by Kaytranada, Parasite, You Have to See Parasite, Parasite, a Window Into South Korean Neoliberalism, The Platform review: Angrily scratches the Snowpiercer and Parasite itch – Vox, Netflix's New Horror Film The Platform Is Being Compared To Parasite – LADbible, Why Are Rich People So Anxious?, The New Conspicuous Consumption, Trust your nose: what rich people can learn from Parasite | Film | The Guardian, Rich People Love 'Parasite,' a Movie That Roasts Rich People – VICE, Sorry to Bother You, “Crazy” Anticapitalism, In the World of Film, We've Edited out All Rebellion, Race, Surrealism, and Apocalyptic in North American Film, “This Is America” by Childish Gambino, sweep it under the rug, respectability politics, Earthseed, “God is change,” “Ki-woo, you know what plan never fails? No plan at all. You know why? If you make a plan, life never works out that way,” laughter is the best medicine, the fact that noise pollution in Europe is really bad and has been linked to higher death rates, the fact that it's because Europe is really densely populated so there's more noise, Office Space’s Neoliberal Workplace Has Only Gotten Worse,