the fact that i think depression can be (problematically) portrayed/perceived as cool and edgy, the fact that its not cool and edgy, the fact that it sucks, the fact that anxiety is often portrayed/perceived as awkward, uncool, paranoid, the fact that lame is ableist language, ‘Lame,’ ‘stand up’ and other words we use to insult the disabled without even knowing it, the fact that some accepting and inclusive spaces can also be kind of like not fun like not cool in a way, like awkward or stiff, planned programming, forced community, community-building, community center, the fact that i also think I've internalized really problematic perceptions around the aesthetics and value of people, spaces, conversations that are colonialist, white supremacist, classist, the fact that i remember being so judgmental of my extended family gatherings in Orlando, the fact that 'cool' or hip spaces can be so shitty and just like empty, the fact that i'm not sure how to balance these tensions, the fact that i went to this halloween party in palo alto last year (2019) and there was a chill (?) room upstairs (that wasn't what it was called, i forget, a quiet room maybe) for people to go and relax and hang if they were feeling overwhelmed, the fact that every party should have that, the fact that World of Warcraft is real life, the fact that I used to play it for hours as a teenager and just dissociate from the physical world and my physical needs, the fact that my parents used to say it was a waste of time, the grind, leveling up, the creation of meaning for the pursuit of substanceless goals, dissociation from the real world, Why is organizing so common and fun in video games?, the fact that ann cvetkovich talks about anxiety-induced depression but i think i have depression-induced anxiety, the fact that i'm constantly doing things which prevents me from feeling empty and lost, the fact that bird noises keep me from sleeping, insomnia, the fact that i wonder if birds have to worry about blue light as well, that environmental psychology article that Randy sent me, the app f.lux, Pastoral Living in Stardew Valley: Mesmerized by an Online Game, Depressed and Anxious? These Video Games Want to Help, For the Uninitiated and Bored, an Introduction to the World of Gaming, Chill out: a new wave of relaxing video games shows there's more to them than violence, And relax … the joy of video games where you do almost nothing, How to re-discover video games as a bored grownup, Love bytes: how a video game is preparing my boyfriend and me for living together, This Dreams remake of the Stardew Valley town is beautiful, the fact that I grew up on pixel art, the fact that I think that Stardew Valley represents a white idealized return to the land that is absent of history, erasure, excoticized forest spirituality and white small-town community, virtual reality, video games, the fact that the economic system of Stardew Valley is capitalism but housing is a right, the fact that prices are stable, lack of complexity, In Over Our Heads, the fact that Stardew Valley is more a critique of workaholism and complexity than it is capitalism or anything else, Office Space’s Neoliberal Workplace Has Only Gotten Worse, When Capitalists Build Too Much, Back-to-the-land movement – Wikipedia, Back to the land: are young farmers the new starving artists?, A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm, The Rise of the Rural Millennial, Homesteading Today: Living on Free Land, The Wild Route: Leaving Society, Seeking Happiness , The PlayStation Dreamworld, the fact that, according to some, Stardew Valley is a welcome break from the chaos of the world, the fact that ‘The Last of Us Part II’ Is a Dark Game for a Dark Time