the fact that i want to send my thesis to Michael Pollan and DoubleBlind Mag, the fact that Timothy Leary said that “the kids who take LSD aren't going to fight your wars... they're not going to join your corporations, they won't buy it,” the fact that i don't think psychedelics are inherently progressive tools of liberation, the fact that i think they're being co-opted by mainstream medicine and psychology as tools of assimilation, Lucy In The Sky With Nazis: Psychedelics and the Right Wing, the fact that I think that article illustrates the importance of creating systems for integration of psychedelics to reduce their capacity to promote far right-wing ideologies but I think that doing so will have a similar limiting effect on far left-wing ideologies, the fact that I think psychedelics enhance the context in which they are taken and will thereby enhance the status quo mentality of the medical industrial complex that individualizes and depoliticizes people's suffering, “as more people 'turn on' it may be that the status quo impacts popular conceptions of psychedelia more so than vice versa,” the medical co-optation of mystical experience as the final frontier of secularization, Michael Pollan on the Science and Sublimity of Psychedelics, the fact that everyone is so critical of Leary (for good reason) but people (mainstream society) really embrace Michael Pollan, the fact that Nixon declared Leary to be “the most dangerous man in America” on national television, the fact there are reasons why Michael Pollan isn't seen as a threat to the status quo and to those in power, the pharmaceutical industrial complex, the fact that i really enjoyed watching Fantastic Fungi with hadley but i also am really critical of it, the fact that i'm critical of individual self-regulation, the neoliberal capitalist logic of efficiency and optimization at the heart of 'addiction' and mental health paradigms, critical disability studies, intersectionality, the fact that who gets punished for not self-regulating is shaped by identity and systems of oppression, the fact that white people are arrested for drugs too, the fact that the war on drugs is definitely racist and sexist, the fact that people don't consider what people are struggling with that contributes to substance abuse, the fact that drugs are also a legitimate means of pleasure, relief, escape, social activity, the fact that it's really hard to put that in conversation with substance abuse in a way that doesn't feel insensitive, the fact that i should apologize more to violet, societal oppression, inequality, lack of hope, stagnant wages, housing crisis, cultural mediocrity, loneliness, isolation, decline of community, pollution, the fact that 'allopathy' sounds way better than 'the medical-industrial complex,' homeopathy, Make America Trip Again, the fact that psychedelics could be utilized as tools of imagination, capitalist realism, The Beginning of the End of Capitalist Realism, The Meaning of Marianne Williamson, “there’s more in heaven and earth than what’s dreamed of by normal politicians,” the fact that Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, “there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” myopia, Acid Communism, What is Acid Corbynism?, Living, Not Just Surviving, the fact that im proud of my thesis but i didn't like the process of writing it, the fact that i don't like academia, the fact that i'm considering grad school, the fact that i wish i could just indulge in the utopia of daily life but minimum wage sucks, the fact that i live in a van, ditching suburbia: are families that live in rv's considered homeless?, food stamps, work requirements, the fact that i really don't buy into normative standards of 'the good life,' the fact that i think western industrialized societies got it all wrong, but the fact that the communal and countercultural experiments of the 60's didn't really work and are escapist and privileged, Rick Doblin, mainstream society,