the fact that I'm at a free concert, the fact that I'm drunk, the fact that I microdosed on shrooms, the fact that I didn't have my scale, the fact that I had to use a quarter teaspoon to eyeball it, eyeball, pupil, mentor, Randy, the fact that Randy just left me a voicemail, the fact that the voicemail transcription ends in “love you suck”, love you, you suck, the fact that Jay rock's lyric “you're either with me or against me” reminded me of [insert friend's name] talking about [insert other friend's name] and how they demanded an all or nothing commitment to their friendship without recognizing their own flaws and hypocrisy, the fact that people waving their hands in their air made me think about the nazi salute, The Man In The High Castle, the fact that I think too much, the fact that meditation isn't supposed to be just or even predominantly sitting meditation but is supposed to be incorporated into daily life like going to a concert, the utopia of daily life, the fact that there are kids at this concert like little little kids, the fact that that seems like child abuse or at least detrimental to their health, the fact that I don't at all blame the parents, the fact that labelling it child abuse designates a kind of individual responsibility and fault that I disagree with, the fact that I just think it can't be good for them, the fact that at least on a physiological level the sound must be bad,