the fact that i'm struggling with intermediate, action-oriented steps between the present, the here and now, and my future goals and interests, the fact that i'm aware of clearly defined interests but am really struggling with a lack of clearly defined paths, the fact that I don't feel like i'm just constantly in search of something that is in the future, living for the future and not for the moment, the fact that i feel grounded in process but that i need a future goal to provide structure to the process of daily life, wandering, aimless, lost, funemployed, vanlife, “not all those who wander are lost”, what if i am lost though? r/lostgeneration, space, the fact that we're all just floating here in space, ♫ Do you realize we're floating in space? ♫, Avenue 5, spaceship earth, bowl cut maintenance, the illusion, The Matrix, Best Job Search Sites for Entry-Level Positions, the fact that I want to create art and write but feel status pressure and financial anxiety that motivate me to pursue a 'career,' the fact that I also want to work in mental health and critical consciousness-raising (see communication skills, conflict resolution), List of over 12,000 careers, [MEGA THREAD] Let's list off all the jobs we think will be safe from automation, and all the jobs that will be affected in the next decade or two, r/Futurology, r/DarkFuturology, The Dystopic Leftist Youth of Reddit and Facebook, Day Jobs For Writers; Yes, Real Writers Have Day Jobs; self-doubt, self-employed, isolation, alienation, freelance, instability, lack of structure and community, Jobs That Leave You Time to Write, Does Having a Day Job Mean Making Better Art?, “a day job might perform the same replenishing ministries as sleep or a long run: relieving creative angst, restoring the artist to her body and to the texture of immediate experience,”