the fact that the amount of information and tasks out there is truly overwhelming, the fact that sometimes i'll just switch from task to task to task without really doing anything or deciding to do anything, without structuring my day at all, books to read, articles to read, positions to apply to, theory to read, practical advice to read, investing strategies to read, budget strategies to read, socio emotional skill building workshops to self-engage in, applications to be written and submitted, social media to be sorted through, posts to be categorized and filed away somewhere, for what, attention deficit trait, the fact that there are so many articles and ideas out there in the world, the fact that there are so many artists creating, producing so much, the fact that cognitive capitalism means virtual production (even though its never fully separated from material realities) and therefore infinite content, infinite content, infinite, content, the fact that im really not convinced that i need any more content, the fact that i have a hunger for 'reality,' reality hunger, the fact that as time has progressed, more has happened, the fact that im not sure over time it is unclear to me what gets converted from vitally relevant to merely important and thereby ignorable, the fact that it seems like i could spend my whole life building up a 'foundation' in literally everything, or the fact that even a simple foundation could take a lifetime, cooking, eating, nutrition, bodily functions, health, psychology, communication skills, conflict resolution, basic life skills, maintenance, home maintenance, auto maintenance, career skills, email etiquette, how to write a resume, how to write an email, how to network, networking skills, maintaining one's network, the fact that television surprisingly seems to speak to these content overwhelm, information overload, at least for me, the fact that i find television numbing and soothing, the fact that the affective dimensions of this content i dont even find overwhelming, that is to say that i'm not overwhelmed by the content of the information itself but more so by the volume of it, the dynamics of information processing, the fact that i have no idea what i want to do with my life, my day, my time so it's unclear how to use all of this information, the fact that i could use it to further my 'career' but the fact that dream jobs are capitalist propaganda bullshit, the fact that the task of living, not even the task of living a good life, has become so individualized and/or commodified that i feel like i have to learn everything or make enough money to not learn it, the fact that public goods are non existent, the fact that communal ways of satisfying basic needs are also pretty non existent, intentional communities, chores, cooking meals together, it takes a village, co-parenting, attention deficit trait, the fact that it's difficult to decide what to do because we live in a fucking twisted backward world of profit over people so making value-based decisions is impossible because everything is conflicting, the fact that its unclear what decisions i should make because i know im going to dislike (hate) most jobs and i dont really see any promising futures so what how do i make a decision for something to work towards when im not sure what to work towards or how to work towards it, paralysis of choice and information,